Your Guide to MBA Specializations and Concentrations

The most famous MBA fields include management, marketing, and finance. However, you should know that there are more MBA specializations out there that you're not aware of. In fact, think of any field or industry that you know about and it's certain that there's an MBA specialization program for that particular field. If you're aware off all the MBA specializations offered by universities and colleges, then you can choose appropriately which MBA program will be the best option for your career.

Most people are aiming to have managerial positions or entrepreneurs that manage their own business as their ultimate career goal. Even though having an MBA degree won't guarantee that you will get that managerial position you are dreaming of, employers all over the world always prefer those who have MBA degrees for their managerial position. This is because they believe that having an MBA degree proves that you have the necessary communication skills along with leadership traits that can help their company move forward. MBA graduates also have better strategic and analytical skills. This just proves that if you support your undergraduate degree with an MBA that is related to your field of specialization, you will surely enrich your background and experience, thus, significantly increasing your chances of being hired.

Common MBA specializations offered

MBA in Human Resources (HR)

It's a fact that a company's employees are the most significant assets of any organization. The HR department of a certain company will be doing all the recruiting, selecting, hiring, and training of new employees. That is why people from the HR department must be able to manage people properly. Effective communication with all the employees and good labor relations are also very important.

If you choose an MBA in Human Resources, you will have the basic MBA program plus specialized human resources training. This will include things like employee recruitment, training, planning, and even mediation. Learning to incorporate the company's human resources allocation plan with the HR strategies will also be included as well.

MBA in Hospitality and Tourism

Are you aware of the fact that service industries like hotels, restaurants, and even tourism is booming along with the health care industry? That is why there is a huge demand for people who have managerial skills which they can apply in order for the company to develop and grow. If you have a hospitality or tourism career, then an MBA degree in this field will surely take your career to the next level. This simply means you'll get to have a better position along with a better salary.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

People commonly think that an MBA in the field of Entrepreneurship are only for those aspiring entrepreneurs. This is not the case at all. There are plenty of organizations that are in the fields of media and technology that are looking for MBA in Entrepreneurship degree holders because they are looking for people to take their managerial positions to help the company improve and develop. Ideally, this type of MBA specialization will emphasize on business administration strategies. Flexibility and innovation will be focused upon as well.

MBA in Communication

Fields such as advertising, media, journalism, and public relations are also common these days. If you're looking to enhance your career in these fields, then an MBA in Communication can definitely help you. This will help you be ready for higher level management positions in your particular field of specialty.

MBA in Marketing

It's a reality that fields like advertising, marketing, and public relations are competitive fields. Your marketing knowledge and skills will surely be tested when you're in this field. That is why you should opt for an MBA specialization in marketing. This degree will drastically improve your skills and increase your knowledge on important marketing principles and techniques.

MBA in Health Care Management

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry will grow drastically as they project two digit growth rates by 2010. This just proves that this industry is one of the highest growth fields. This will be a great career opportunity for those who are planning to enter and study in the health care field.  

An MBA specialization in health care management will help you be ready for mid and upper level management positions. You will be working in pharmaceutical firms, health care facilities, long-term facilities, insurance companies, and public health agencies as well.


You should always take MBA specializations for your chosen field. Now that you know some of them, you can now better decide in which one will be right for you. You're the only one who can tell which program will be the best MBA specialization for your career.