The Right MBA Program Gives You What You Need To Advance to the Executive Offices!

When you're deciding whether to pursue an MBA, don't just consider the bricks-n-mortar schools. Online MBA schools are providing more and more opportunities for MBA students, trading the tradition and practice of in-person classes for the convenience and potential savings of virtual classrooms. But there are pitfalls out there, waiting for the wary and naïve. Taking your time, knowing what you're looking for and what questions to ask, and finally, just being well-informed can help you avoid losing or wasting time and money to a degree mill. Instead, you can end up with an MBA without taking the time and expense of leaving your work to get a post-graduate degree.

After you have determined exactly what MBA you're seeking, begin to research what schools offer what you're considering. Examine each school's commitment to your success, considering how much time you'll receive from your professors, how accessible they are outside of the class assignments, and how much you'll pay for your degree. Ask around for referrals, and if possible connect with others who have received their degrees from online MBA schools you're considering. It's also very worthwhile to contact your company's HR people, or the HR department of a company you'd like to work for, and ask their opinion of online schools in general, and specific schools they especially appreciate.

Many companies and human resource executives will focus on whether any online MBA schools you're considering are accredited by the AACSB, which is the oldest accreditation board for business schools. AACSB also has the strictest requirements, which is why it appeals to so many recruiters. AACSB considers online schools for accreditation by considering the school's faculty, quality curricula, frequent interaction between students and teachers, and rigorous admissions process. Most AACSB schools require the GMAT for admission, although a few will waive it if you have at least eight years of management experience, or you already have some other advanced degree.

By selecting the best online MBA schools to acquire your advanced degree from, you're assuring your success in future endeavors and advancement. An MBA from a school recognized and appreciated by your HR department or your supervisor and upper management will aid you in getting the promotions you need to advance in your career. Making sure the schools are have high quality curricula, excellent instructors with lots of contact time with students, and rigorous standards for success and graduation assure that you'll have the skills you need when you do advance.