MBA Recommendation Letters

When you've decided to get in an MBA program, then you've probably come a long way. It' a fact that you can simply get an MBA program from any school, but you're looking for names that will bring your career a boost forward like Stanford and Harvard. However, it will be hard to get accepted in their programs. Aside from the usual application requirements, you would also need MBA recommendation letters.

Before, you may not need recommendation letters. But today, almost every MBA program in the world requires it. Aside from this, you will also need to complete online application forms, college credit transcripts, and along with your previous curriculum and academic achievements. An essay would also be required for you to say why you are qualified for the MBA program. The harder part comes in when you try to find the right person to write your MBA recommendation letter.

The fact is that there's only a limited number of slots in an MBA program from a prestigious school. That's why it's important to point out why you are above the rest of the applicants. It's also good if you have a work experience, although it's not really required. The MBA admission boards would really want to find out if you have what it takes to succeed and complete the program. They would also need to hear from your work associates on how good of a leader you are and how dedicated are you in learning business management.

So, how do you find the right person to write your MBA recommendation letter? You can use the following as a guide to know who the best person to write for you is. First, don't ask for your peers or people on your corporate level. This is a big no when it comes to choosing the right person for your recommendations. Second, choose those who are located up in the corporate chain. They have high positions and they know very well the accomplishments that you have contributed to the organization. Third, choose a person who is sincere in writing your MBA recommendation.

Of course, you should never write the MBA recommendation for yourself. Rather, you should work closely with the people that will write for you. This is done so that you can really highlight your strengths and further improve your image for the school you are targeting to. Whether you are looking to apply at Harvard or Stanford, it's important that your recommendation and essay will collaborate and say the same story.

If you put enough hard work and effort in your recommendation letter, you will surely have a great chance in letting the MBA screening board know that you are fit for the program. There should be no doubt in their minds that you are not qualified or good enough for the MBA program. You should prove to them that you are willing to work hard to achieve success and contribute in the business community.

To make sure that you convince the board, make sure to focus on your leadership skills, sincere interest, and concrete accomplishments in your recommendation letter and the essay. The process of getting an MBA recommendation letter is in itself a learning experience. You will certainly learn much more as you enter the business world.